Friday, July 11, 2014

Welcome to the Little Salon!

Hi all,

Welcome to my new little corner on the web where I will be sharing with you about beauty, fragrances and...MAKEUP!
Ok, you are probably going to think "another beauty blog!!???"... Well yes...I just thought I would love to share with people who probably have similar interests a few of the things I love.
I love makeup and makeovers so be prepared to see some before and after pictures of my friends ( perfect guinea pigs when it comes to makeup!!!) and also myself as I don't always have a friend to try products on.
I love photography very much , work as a fragrance specialist for a great company and am surrounded by the greatest products you can have every day I work. LUCKY ME!!!

I have a VLOG on YouTube
and a Facebook page right there

 I am a CHANEL junky but also love to work with many other brands such as DIOR, Bare Minerals, Sisley Paris ( used to work for them and loooooooooooooove the products!) , Guerlain and many others.

I have an obsession with nails and qualified years ago as a Nail Tech so will be happy to share a few tips with you.
I am half French and half Maurician so I am a brunette with brown eyes and an olive skin. Most of my posts and makeovers or tests will be done on me so I hope this will help or inspire you whatever your origins or skin type. I have a combination skin so use skin products accordingly.

I hope to hear from you soon and that we can share tips and  giggles on this blog.

Bye for now!

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