Monday, August 11, 2014

Rendez Vous With ROSA by Acqua di Parma at the Cafe Royal in London

 On a beautiful Summer's day, I arrived in the heart of Piccadilly Circus at the entrance of an iconic place once a favourite of Louis Armstrong, Rudyard Kipling, Oscar Wilde and Lady Diana: the Cafe Royal.
Although surrounded by the morning buzz of the early tourists and the turmoil of growing traffic, the wide entrance was promising an experience of another time. I had a rendez-vous with ROSA the new born of Acqua di Parma.

Once in the hall of the legendary building, it seemed that time had stopped in an era where things seemed simple and yet so sophisticated. There was a rich contrast of classicism, history and modernism.

Up the long marble staircase behind a wooden door was an ocean of flowers, a captivating scent in the air and an explosion of feminine grace that was opening wide its arms to welcome you.

And there was Rosa about to reveal the secrets of a delicate pink juice encapsulated in a bottle designed in a time where the Great Gatsby would have thrown the most enviable parties.

And in a " PSssHT!" the droplets fell one by one liberating notes that started turning around such a light silk shawl in the hand of a twirling ballerina.

The fruity warmth of the mandarins complimented with a hint of pepper was gently saying hello before introducing you to the rich and delicate centifolia roses that were wrapping around you more and more only just to come and caress your nose with a tail of ambergris enriched by the musk and cedar wood promising a loyal and long lasting romance.

And in an instant, I was under the spell of Rosa.

Oh, what a magical encounter and what a magical day! All senses were awakened; smells, colours, flavours and music had come to enhance the experience.

And even after leaving the extraordinary venue, at the very end of the day, the soft enveloping shawl of roses was still delicately wrapped all around me, while a melancholic song of a Diva was whispering a passionate story  that made me strongly feel I was in Italy.

And this is how, on a very hot Summer's day, in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, I had my first rendez-vous with the elegant, feminine and sophisticated Rosa of Acqua di Parma.

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