About Me

I am French ( half French -half Mauritian) and have been living in the UK since 2008 with my English husband. I live in Kent.

Since I was a little girl ( aaaaaaaages ago) I have been attracted to small boutiques, perfume shops and colours. Fragrances were a real obsession ( not kidding!) between the age of 10 and 25, after which I started getting slightly side tracked by other things ( I worked as a professional singer for 12 years) but today I work as a fragrance specialist for a wonderful fragrance company.

I qualified as a Nail Tech several years ago and makeup artistry followed . To me, hands are very important as well as the face. I believe you learn a lot when looking at people's hands.

I love giving makeovers but I am afraid you are going to have to see my face a lot for demos as I don't always have a guinea pig friend around for a makeup test.

I love photography very much and always spend ages trying to make things look right.

I hope you will enjoy this blog as I will try to share things I love with you.

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