Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bye bye 2014, London, Hair stuff and Cuir de Russie (spoiling myself!)

Hi everyone,

Today I just realised that time went so quick that I din't take time to sit and share with you all those very special girly moments that made life so much more enjoyable!
Things have been hectic ( in a very positive way) so have only taken a few snaps for my Instagram and Facebook page. Maybe I should stick to a monthly post?

This one will definitely be my last one for 2014 though.

Just to recap a few things:

I am now working in the heart of London and am surrounded by lots of gorgeous places that I will definitely share with you in the future. Xmas lights were an absolute delight and full of magic . I have found a few windows and streets that I will try to capture and share with you in the future. PROMISE!

Hair is growing! AND I have found a great shampoo at Boots that DOES make a real difference to my dry
frizzy hair. It is called ELVIVE Extraordinary Oil by L'Oreal. Bought the shampoo and the conditioner for a couple of pounds as it was a test price and believe me, I am going to use this again as it REALLY WORKED! My hair is super soft and my curls are firm and shiny. Those who know me, know the struggle I have been through with my hair since I have moved from France. Since I have lived in England, my very looooooooooooooong and wavy hair has turned into something that looks like a giant bird's nest on my head so I had to have it cut. Then, I had a very short hair cut when I didn't expect it. So now, I am trying to grow it again. I want to be me again!!!
 Oh dear...how can hair change someone so much?

Got myself a few treats from Chanel, Dior and Guerlain but my definite treasure for this end of year is Cuir de Russie one of the exclusives by Chanel . Not only an exclusive, it is one of the original frangrances created by Ernest Beaux in 1924 for Mademoiselle Chanel. 
I have to confess that I have paid a few visits to the Chanel boutique in Selfridges and sprayed myself with a couple of the exclusive fragrances. My first impression of Cuir de Russie was that it felt too ashy. But it was in the Summer and I am not sure I was in the mood for something like this at the time. I had set my heart on 31 Rue Cambon which is lighter and more feminine. However, when I went again to the boutique a few days ago. I gave Cuir de Russie another try. I have to say that I was suprised by the floral notes that I didn't really notice the first time and the ashy/woody note felt just right at this time of the year! I wished I could have gone for the 200ml bottle but little wise me chose the 75ml ( £103! and this was with 10% Sales off !!). The service was immaculate and the fragrance specialist placed the fragrance in a box for me. Since it is my birthday very soon, she placed a beautiful little box with the most delightful diorama and a mini n5. I will treasure this for ever as I am also a miniature and fragrance enthusiast!

There will still be a lot to share with you in the new year. Nails, makeup, perfume and a little tour of London. I will be happy to discover what you have to share in 2015 and I wish you lots of Happiness, Health, Wealth and LOTS of GIRLY MOMENTS!

See you in the new year!

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