Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Have you ever had a bad experience at a hair salon?

Have you ever had a bad experience at a hair salon?

If you live in the UK, you have probably noticed that as it has been unusually hot lately so I thought it was the perfect time to refresh my very thick hair that was getting more and more difficult to tie and tame lately.

I have always had my hair very long but decided to change 2 years ago for a more modern yet classic feel.
Always been to the same hair salon group the last 2 years since they've always understood what I wanted...until yesterday...

The bob has been a favourite lately ...

...however, I wanted something different with less hair around the face and ears, a diagonal fringe and volume at the back since I am not very fond of my head shape and profile....( yes...we all have a few things we don't like in us...grumble mumble and super big sigh...).

At the salon, I insisted the hair had to be long at the back so I can bring it back under my ears for a  great camouflage softer effect on my (lack of ) jaw line.

When I was saying volume at the back, I had something like this in mind...

...with a bit more length along the neck. for the "soft effect" around the ears...

Since I am no hair expert, I showed two pictures in a magasine I was carrying in my bag to the stylist so she could see the fringe movement , the round the ear thing and the volume at the back : one on long hair, the other one on short hair. Never did she offer to give me a hair style magasine for a more accurate example.
" You need a bob if you want to attach your hair up" she said.
" No!not a bob...I don't want to attach my hair either!I would like my hair shorter around the ears and long at the back. I need volume at the back" I replied and showed again the picture with long hair ( for the volume) and the one with short hair ( for the around the ears effect). 

So then she sits and starts cutting. I feel relieved since she starts the usual casual conversation. She has understood . Then, I notice that she is cutting EXTREMELY and DANGEROUSLY short...which I tell her straight away but she keeps on doing it.
" I really need to have it long at the back" I insist.
" But it is going to be longer than what I am supposed to do anyway" she replies.

I knew something had gone wrong and I could feel that little ball of fear and stress growing in me. Little did she seem to hear when I was talking about length or only was she starting to argue with me until she showed the picture with the very short hair....

" It is going to be a bit longer than this" she said showing the picture of the magasine...

She was giving me the short hair cut which I had used to try to explain....she hadn't listened to a word I had said nor seemed to understand...only copying the Anne Hathaway tom boy-ish haircut style.

"How do I cut your fringe?" she asked.
" No...leave it as it is please, the rest will grow back" I said coldly.
" And by the way...when you want longer at the back...it IS a bob..." she threw this at my face with such coldness. She knew what she was doing...she knew...She never offered to explain nor demonstrate. She went for the short hair cut knowing I wanted them long...

I have no idea how I have managed to live the salon without letting the French fury come out of me. I chose to keep the British stiff upper lip which proves that I am doing as the Romans in Rome, right?

Today, only a ton of water and spray managed to make me happy-ish as it gave me a jazz style look a bit Josephine Baker like.

But with the heat, my frizzy hair didn't give a stuff about water and spray...

My oh my...hadn't been so miserable for a long time...I know it will sound completely childish since I have had (we all have) to face REAL problems in  life but I cannot get over it. Not yet.

Now it is going to be months having to face the world with an embarrassing haircut. I feel like I have been stolen all my confidence in a few snips.

Do you think I will get used to it since we are little creatures of habit?
Has this ever happened to you?
Any solution would be welcome as well.

Bye for now.
Patricia. x

UPDATE: It has been 2 weeks since my hair was cut and I still feel traumatised by this experience. I spoke to the salon's manager who was offering not real help and I had to ask for my money back which was done on the spot. 
Not happy at all.

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