Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dior 5 Couleurs number 434 Peacock

There is in the air something magical that is called ....SALES!
I saw a beautiful Dior palette and fell in love. In fact, it had been a while but...this one was in the SALE!!! AND it was the last one left at the Dior counter. It was a sign: this palette was waiting for me!
Green is a perfect shade if you have brown eyes.

OK I know this was a limited edition from 2013 but...who cares? There was just the one left and it was the SALES!!!

I have found great pictures from this Dior collection which was called Bird of Paradise .

Anyway, I know the fabulous model looks incredible on the ads but I have chosen to go for something rather more...errrr...subtle?
Please pardon my silly hair in the video, I am growing it at the moment and it has reached a particularly annoying lenght...ugh...

There are several brands doing green shadows such as Guerlain, Givenchy , MAC etc...or maybe this little treasure number 434 by Dior is waiting for you the SALES!!!

For MORE green makeup, check out these lovely blogs:

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I hope the links work!

Bye for now!


  1. Hi dear Patricia, thanks a lot for linking my post!
    The palette you've bought is super interesting, very soon I'll watch your video too, thanks for sharing!!
    Have a nice day