Friday, July 18, 2014

Dior Boutique in Covent Garden and the exclusive Dior palette

Yesterday I was on a quest! 
I was determined to find a treasure, something that I couldn't find where I work.
Something special.

I jumped on a train to Charring Cross and walked to the wonderful Covent Garden since this is probably one of my favourite places in the world ( apart from my home) as you can find ANYTHING there!

You will still find fresh flowers, excellent food, enjoy a drink and very exclusive stores.
Lately, it seems that the old market has become a niche for high end brands which are developing more and more there.
Chanel, Burberry and even Penhaligon's has a new door there!
I was in awe with the delightful window dedicated to ballet.

I bought a couple of rose macaroons at Laduree and could resist to pick a new Sonny Angel that has dedicated this special collection to the French renown name of Patisserie.

 You just pick a box and what is inside is a suprise. I got the " Macaron Chocolat" .

Then, I arrived there!
And as you can see, two of the biggest names of fashion and beauty have literally chosen to be neighbours in Covent Garden .

For some reasons, the Dior boutique seemed to be calling me. Was it the colours? The busy atmosphere inside?

I started having a close look at the windows and my oh my...they are absolutely magnificent!
Two massive handbags entirely made with lipsticks of iconic shades: 999 and 775.

Then a massive bottle of the eternal Miss Dior made of PLENTY of the inimitable fragrance bottles 

Simlpy magic don't you think?

Then of course I entered, and the boutique inside was equally divine as the outside.

They have exclusive polish shades in the boutique.

The Dior nail bar

Then I was greeted by a ( VERY BEAUTIFUL) young woman who is a Colour Specialist in the Dior boutique. We had a really nice chat as I was looking at the beautiful Summer palettes and then I saw my "treasure" : the exclusive Dior palette COVENT GARDEN !

It comes in a gorgeous silver compact. It is quite heavy in the hand , and such a beautiful and luxurious object!

Inside, on the left the eye shadow in the shape of the famous " pied de poule " pattern by Dior.
It is a combination of silver and black. On the right, the ldelicate pink gloss.
The finish of this object is delightful and I am almost afraid to use it!

on the eyes

The packaging comes in a silver box with the name of the palette on it.
What a treasure when you love Dior AND Covent Garden as I do!

Here is the lip gloss swatch

It is slightly pink and has silver glitter in it which makes your lips plump and reflects the light .

Then, Teresa ( the lovely Colour Specialist) introduced me to the Diorshow Brow Styler.
She was a real angel and offered to take pictures for the blog. I have to confess that I was REALLY IMPRESSED by the result .
You know, most of the time, when people do my brows they always make me look like Serge Lama....

 But after she used it on me, I loved the natural effect it had on me!
I like my brows to be a bit thick but there are quite a few gaps here and there to fill in.
This magical wand just did the job!
Teresa explained that this shade is a universal one that suits most skin tones and hair colour. She also specified that it isn't always the best for Chinese or Japanese as it doesn't seem to combine well with the skin pigmentation for some reason.

Then we looked at the lipsticks and I fell in love with the gorgeous coral pink "Mazette" number 028.

I was also given a few samples ...OMG!!! I was deligted and cannot wait to swatch these for you. I have taken a pic next to my lipstick so you can see the size of the samples.

The mini eye shadow palette is Rosy Tan 754 , Dior Addict lip gloss Diablotine 643 and  Dior Addict IT-Lash

On my way back, had a pink lemonade ( Oh SO girly!) and a good magazine

Treasures found today

Look with lipstick  Mazette  and neutral eyes

Look using the palette only ( mixed black and silver on the eyes + a touch of black under and outer corner)

Look with mixed shades (as above) with Mazette lipstick

And voila!
I will definitely try the other palette very soon and will post it on my Youtube channel.

Bye for now!

Patricia. x

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